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Easy DIY Home Improvements to Make Through Lighting

Easy DIY Home Improvements to Make Through Lighting

Many homeowners dream of starting a DIY home improvement project to change their home’s look and add value to it. Unfortunately, several homeowners abandon home projects because many of them require funding, time, and effort.

However, you don’t need to completely revamp a room to make it look different. Subtle changes can breathe new life into a room. Sometimes, all it takes is to change your current lighting fixtures to create a small yet notable difference. 

Modernize Your Home With Updated Lighting

As with most household fixtures, lighting fixtures also have trends that come and go. Several years ago, subtlety was the trend, and lighting fixtures that are half-embedded into the ceiling were popular. Nowadays, people like to go big with drop lights and multi-color LED lights. 

Of course, you should not install lighting indiscriminately just because they’re timely. Consider the size of your space and make sure your lighting fixture scales appropriately. A grand chandelier will always look better in large spaces, and minimalist lights are better in smaller ones. 

Change The Mood With Customizable Colors

You don’t need to limit yourself to one lighting fixture per room. Several light sources in a single room can create beauty and depth, even in the bedroom. Your bedroom can have a typical cool-colored light as the main light source. This light source is mostly utilitarian, and its main purpose is visibility. 

You can then add warm light sources in the form of a bedside lamp with a warm yellowish light, which can help you relax and settle in after a tiring day. You can choose a night light for your third light source, which can come in many attractive colors like purple, blue, or green. For example, adding the 14” LED Ceiling Light with Mood Lighting and Motion Sensor from Koda can change the entire mood and color of the room. 

Aside from changing the mood, customizable colors can emphasize a certain area in the room, such as nooks, doorways, and even appliances. A simple flatscreen TV can transform into a mini home movie theater if you frame it with LED strip lighting. Koda’s 30” LED Linkable Lighting Strips are lighting that you can use to provide targeted or accent lighting wherever you need it. The LED strips come with dimming settings to create the perfect ambient and targeted lighting for your needs. 

Increase Your Home Value

Gone are the days when lighting fixtures were merely tools for visibility. Nowadays, lights come in all shapes and forms and can alter the mood and feel of your home, depending on how you use them. Adding a chandelier has always been an easy way to make a room look more grand and classy. Still, chandeliers are seen by many as bulky and vintage, which doesn’t blend well with modern, minimalist homes. 

A great alternative to the classic chandelier is the Slim 15” LED Ceiling Light by Koda. The Slim Ceiling Light consists of a low profile with dimming capability, allowing the fixture to simultaneously provide whatever light is needed for the space it is in. This is a perfect option for people who find normal fluorescent lighting to be harsh and overbearing. 

A beautiful yard can also increase your home’s value exponentially. Most homeowners focus on the indoors and forget that outdoor lighting can open up more opportunities for creativity. Overhead lighting can add a touch of romance to your patio or the pathway leading to your front door. Koda’s Outdoor Wall Lantern can make for perfect outdoor lighting with its warm lighting and classical yet contemporary design. 

By simply changing the lighting fixtures in your home, you can easily go from vintage themes to futuristic ones without breaking down walls and emptying your bank accounts.