About Us

Koda is dedicated to creating new and innovative products that enhance your well-being across your entire home.

Koda is committed to becoming a global brand leader within the home market by providing innovative and value-added products that consumers want, need and can afford.

From initial idea to final production – quality, care and design are critical elements for all products being created. Our goal is to ensure every consumer who experiences Koda is happier as a result. With this focus, we are fueled to improve every day.


Each Koda product starts with using premium components, ensuring quality and longevity. Not only is quality important in Koda products, but in the Koda team as well. Investing in dedicated team members, partners and associations, while driving a strong company culture, are important pieces to Koda’s long-term strategy.


Whether it’s in the form of technology or innovative features, Koda products are carefully engineered and designed to create value-added solutions consumers will enjoy. Many Koda products are filled with features that help improve consumers’ comfort and convenience around the home.


The end-consumer is always top of mind when it comes to design. This ensures we create a user-friendly and convenient experience, so that consumers can easily enjoy the full benefits Koda products have to offer.

Premium Value

Through innovation and design, Koda is determined to provide the best value price. Each product is carefully sourced to ensure high quality standards are met while using technology and innovation to deliver a value-added price.


Creating durable and quality products are critical to Koda’s mission. Each Koda product passes a rigorous and technical evaluation, ensuring a high-quality experience that consumers will remember. “Built to last” is not only motivation, it’s a foundation for the brand.

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