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Koda Color Temperature

If you have ever noticed the difference in the overall warmth of light between two different sources even when the temperature of the room is the same, you've noticed differences in color temperature. It's usually quite obvious when you look at a natural daylight LED simulating versus a white light fixture. White light is cooler than the slightly yellow light of the sun. If a bulb emits full spectrum light, the color temperature will still affect whether that light appears to shift more toward yellow or toward blue.

Easy DIY Home Improvements to Make Through Lighting

Many homeowners dream of starting a DIY home improvement project to change their home’s look and add value to it. Unfortunately, several homeowners abandon home projects because many of them require funding, time, and effort.

However, you don’t need to completely revamp a room to make it look different. Subtle changes can breathe new life into a room. Sometimes, all it takes is to change your current lighting fixtures to create a small yet notable difference.

A Guide to Home Security Lighting

Home security lighting can not only help prevent unwanted incidents, but can give every homeowner or tenant peace of mind whether you’re home or not. Most security lighting is used outdoors, offering a way to illuminate paths, doorsteps, and entrances – no matter the style or layout of your home.