Is Your Patio Ready for Spring?

Koda has the perfect lighting options to immediately enhance your home's patio, big or small.

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Keeping You Safe

Advanced smart home technology to secure your home

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Light Up Your Patio

Entertain with an innovative, portable and fun lighting solution

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Set Your Ideal Mood

The perfect ceiling light the whole family can enjoy

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Bright & Durable

Built from premium components and featuring long-lasting LEDs, there is a Koda Outdoor Light for every occasion. 

Featured Product

Koda Security Camera with Motion-Activated Floodlight

Security Camera with Motion-Activated Floodlight - KODA™
  • 1080P HD

    Crystal clear 1080p HD camera with live view, event recording, and night-vision. 

  • Patented Motion Sensor

    UltraSense® advanced two-step motion detection minimizes erroneous motion alerts.

  • Ultra-Bright LED

    Motion-activated floodlight with an ultra-bright 1300 lumens LED bulb.

  • Powerful Alarm

    Powerful 90-decibel alarm scares off intruders and unwanted visitors.


Complete Control

With unique designs and a modern feel for any personal or work space, Koda Indoor Lighting products are full of customizable features and settings to ensure you have the exact light you want when you need it.


See what our happy customers have to say

We have a large 1st floor garage in a new home construction. I bought these lights because of the ability to change a number of features: i.e. brightness, motion sensor, dimming and ambient light. So as you walk through the garage the 10 light fixtures dim up and then after a programmable time with no motion they dim to off. Couldn't be happier. Contractor and electrical subs were blown away.

Just bought and received another product from Koda, I’m very pleased with this new koda motion activated light. Very easy to install and liked the option of both hardwire and plugin option. I chose the hardwire option because of my front door didn’t have the plugin outlet. I have to say, the LED light is really bright and work perfect as outdoor floodlight or security light. I can now see every one who entered my driveway from the cloud video. The product come with free 30 days cloud storage. Highly recommended on this product if you are looking for nice and bright security light with camera recording feature.

We had this security camera for over a month now and is still rock 'in! The picture is clear, and the camera/light design is very unique. Love the design! The motion detection is quick, soon as it detects something I'll receive a notification on my phone. The thing allows live recording/still pictures onto phone's gallery which I think is great. We also love the warning indicator lights which is very cool! The installation was super easy! I got it installed in less than 20 minutes. My wife is impressed with the LED brightness, I mean this thing is bright!!! My God! The pre-detection recording works great and we absolutely love it. We wish the recording could be a little longer. Thumbs up! :)

Great motion-detection, LED utility light. These are nice bright lights. You can adjust how bright they are, how sensitive the motion detector is, how long they stay on after last motion detected. We use them in closets and work spaces. Now the LED light always comes on when you go in and off after you leave. They're a great energy saver.

The Best Utility Light - PERIOD!!! These lights are an enormous value and cannot be equalled. I cannot say enough about product quality, flexibility, and ease of installation.