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Indoor Lights

Create Your Ideal Mood in Any Room

Lighting All Your Needs

Koda™ indoor lights are designed, engineered and tested for all standard household lighting fixtures and plugs, giving you flexibility on what rooms you want to use them in. With each Koda indoor light offering LEDs tailored to the style of light, you’ll get a long-lasting lighting solution for your entire home.


All Koda indoor lights come with customizable features to ensure you get the perfect light. From color temperature change to various dimming levels to multi-color RGB mood lighting, you can quickly and easily create the light you want to set your ideal mood.

Easy Installation

Quickly and easily setup Koda indoor lights in any room of your home, including ceiling lights that fit standard household lighting fixture, utility lights with linkable technology, and smart LED light strips that can be tailored and affixed anywhere in your home.