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A Guide to Home Security Lighting

A Guide to Home Security Lighting

Home security lighting can not only help prevent unwanted incidents, but can give every homeowner or tenant peace of mind whether you’re home or not. Most security lighting is used outdoors, offering a way to illuminate paths, doorsteps, and entrances – no matter the style or layout of your home.

With so many options in home security lighting, it can be overwhelming to find the solution you’re looking for.  How important is motion sensor lighting? How many lumens should I be looking for in a security light? Do I need a security camera and light combined?

This guide will help you further understand the necessity of security lights, what to look for when shopping, and give you insight on some key products to keep your space well lit and secure.

Why Home Security Lights Are Necessary

Security lighting not only provides a sense of safety, but is also a means of convenience. You can choose between one that’s motion-activated, or automatically triggered as darkness and daylight are sensed.  Not only can you improve visibility when entering and exiting your home, but you can prevent nocturnal animals and critters from lurking, and even deter thieves from pursuing your home.

Motion-Sensored Security Lighting:

Gone are the days of walking from your car to your door in the pitch black dark with your hands full, risking not only personal injury, but a heightened vulnerability to potential unwelcome guests.  Motion sensored outdoor lights detect your movement and turn on automatically, illuminating your path and keeping you safe.

Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting:

Koda’s Outdoor LED Wall Light is a lantern-shaped wall-mounted light that is not only durable and weather-resistant but also offers a warm and inviting glow to your porch or doorway. These lights turn on and off as daylight or darkness is sensed, preserving your bulb and your energy bill!


There is variance in brightness and lumens across different types of products. Depending on the type and size of light you need, you will most likely be looking at options anywhere between 500 lumens and 3000 lumens. For a security floodlight you will find they are 3000+ lumens whereas a porch light would be around 800 lumens. Most of the time, the brightness will match the product type, so decide on what light you need depending on the application.

What to Look For in Security Lights

In most circumstances, households seek security lighting to keep those who are walking around your home safe, while also being alerted if there is any unwarranted motion on your property. You can get lights with a bright gleam, or opt for an option with a more subtle glow.

If you are looking at security lighting options, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Is the light bright and adjustable?
  2. Does it offer an ambient light sensor to save energy during the day?
  3. How far away can the sensors detect motion, and what is the range of light coverage?
  4. Can this light withstand whatever mother nature throws at it?
  5. Is it easily installed?

Koda’s Motion Activated LED Security Floodlight is a good example of meeting your security lighting needs and answering all the above questions with ease. The adjustable security floodlight features a bright 3000 lumens in max mode but can be reduced to 1500 lumens in low mode – allowing you to set the right level of outdoor illumination. The daytime sensor saves energy, but the motion sensors can detect movement up to 70 feet away, offering a 240-degree range of motion.

These easily installed floodlights are made of durable and sturdy aluminum. Koda rigorously tests their light products to ensure they withstand all the weather elements that may be thrown at them. This testing makes Koda the prime choice for outdoor security lighting in every season.

Is a Security Camera Necessary?

If you are looking for a security lighting option that gives a little more, you might be thinking about pairing it with a security camera. Incorporating a security camera on the exterior of your home offers more security than just seeing who is at the door. For example, Koda’s Security Camera with Motion-Activated Floodlight offers safe illumination while giving you additional eyes on the outside.

Wonder what has been digging up your rose bush? If your camera is in the right spot, you can catch the culprit (or four-legged furry friend) in the act. Maybe you are expecting a package? Know when it gets dropped off and ensure no one messes with it until you get home. No matter your reasons for incorporating a security camera outside your home, make sure you have the requirements you want for lighting paired with the high-quality camera option.

To learn more or to find the outdoor and security lighting options that fit your needs, visit for more details.