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9 Main Types of Indoor Lights

9 Main Types of Indoor Lights

When it comes to lighting options for your home or workspace, the choices can be overwhelming. Each type of light fixture serves a unique purpose and brings its own style and functionality to the table. Who knows, you may explore a few new favorite ways to brighten things up. By understanding these distinct characteristics, you can make an informed decision for all your lighting needs. Let's jump in!


1. Chandeliers:

    I’m sure you’ve either heard about or seen this kind of light before. Maybe at a restaurant, an up-and-coming modern coffee shop, or even a friend’s high-class foyer… Chandeliers are the epitome of elegance and often act as a great focal lighting piece. Other known as, the main attraction! These magnificent light fixtures feature multiple arms or branches adorned with artistic designed bulbs or candles (if you’re going for a hanging candelabra style), creating a captivating highlight in any room. Chandeliers are often used in formal dining areas or grand entryways, but they are no longer limited to these areas. Within larger homes they even appear in a living room or bedroom and tend to appear in larger commercial spaces like hotels and offices. Chandelier styles can range from crystal chandeliers, modern linear chandeliers, to abstract design chandeliers – each hinting at luxury and sophistication in their own way.


    2. Recessed Lighting:

      Let me paint a quick picture for you. You’re sitting in one of those reclining chairs at your favorite theatre, watching the 20-minute-long previews play out as anticipation grows for the movie you’ve been wanting to see for ages finally starts… the screen goes black and the surround sound climbs in volume just as the lights are dimming down… the movie begins. Did you notice how the lights turned off? In fact, where even are the lights in the theatre? Well, if you look up, you’d probably see recessed lighting and also wall scones on the sides of the walls. Home theatres are also very popular and commonly utilize recessed lighting, also known as can lights or downlights, to replicate that same in-theatre sleek and streamlined lighting solution. These fixtures are merely installed into the ceiling and can be used for general lighting or as accent lighting to highlight specific areas or objects. They have become a home staple, and will be found in kitchens, living rooms, or galleries usually with a dimming feature to control the brightness of the light.


      3. Pendant Lighting:

        Consider a chandelier, but now imagine it as a smaller, singular fixture and does require so many branches. Rather, pendant lighting offers a combination of in-home design styles and focused illumination. These fixtures hang from the ceiling using a rod, chain, or cord and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Top trending styles being mid-century modern, farmhouse (or rustic), and American colonial. Typically, pendant lights are used in kitchens, dining areas, or as statement pieces in living rooms. They provide focused light for highlighting specific areas as well as are designed to match your internal home-décor desires.


        4. Vanity Lights:

          Not the vanity desk that you might be thinking of. Vanity lights are designed specifically for bathroom spaces, providing both functional and flattering illumination. These lights are often installed above or on the sides of mirrors to eliminate shadows and ensure even lighting for your usual grooming tasks. Vanity lights come in various styles, including bath bar lights or wall sconces, to suit different aesthetics.


          5. Wall Sconces

            Now we’re talking about sconces here, not scones. You’ve probably seen what they look like in movies, mid-17th
            century castles (if you’ve ever left the United States), or any homes that give off an eclectic “vintage, yet modern” look. Wall sconces play a role in many housing settings, serve as decorative accents, and offer ambient lighting. These fixtures are mounted on walls and come in many designs and shapes depending on the eye of the decorator. Wall sconces can be used to add a touch of elegance to hallways, living rooms, or bedrooms and create a warm and inviting balance. These kinds of lights can be used individually or in many cases, pairs, to create balanced lighting and enhance the overall aesthetic.


            6. Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

              It’s a funny name for a light, but flush mounts are probably the most common light fixtures in homes around the United States. Flush mount ceiling lights are installed directly against the ceiling, show no hanging stem or wiring, and offer a space-saving lighting solution. These fixtures provide do show for a clean look, whether you go for a brushed nickel design or frosted glass, making them suitable for rooms with lower ceilings or spaces where a minimalist design is desired. Flush mount ceiling lights are versatile and can be used in various rooms, providing general illumination without something hanging from the ceiling.


              7. Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

                Quite like the flush mount (not just in name), the semi-flush mount ceiling light combines the benefits of flush and pendant lighting. These fixtures are attached to the ceiling but hang slightly, creating a small gap between the fixture and the ceiling. Distance between the fixture and the ceiling can vary. Semi-flush mount lights do offer a stylish balance of functionality and design aesthetics with the extra wiggle room they are given. Compared to the flush mount, the semi-flush allows for more decorative options and the lights tend to be larger in width. Knowing this, a semi-flush light is perfect if you have more than 9 feet between the ceiling and the ground. Hanging anything below 7 feet? Well, you could possibly end up with a head injury.


                8. Track Lighting:

                  On your marks… get set… GO! No no, we’re not racing, unless you’re trying to get to the end of this blog faster. Track lighting is a versatile and adjustable lighting system that just so happens to be… you guessed it… on a track! It consists of multiple fixtures attached to that track, allowing you to position and aim the lights in various directions. With the ability to individually adjust each light head, track lighting provides flexibility for highlighting your dining room, your kitchen, maybe a hidden art room that you don’t let anyone into, or even to shine light on specific focal points around your house creating layered lighting effects. Not only do they have multi directional capabilities, but they do often come in modern linear designs to add additional flare to your space.


                  9. Shop Lights:

                    Now if you’re really new to lights like I once was, shop lights does not mean you see a sign to go “shop for lights”. It’s quite different! Shop lights are specifically designed for workspaces such as garages, workshops, or commercial areas. These lights are built to withstand harsh environments and provide bright, focused lighting for tasks that require high visibility. Shop lights are available in various formats, including fluorescent or LED fixtures, and can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on walls. They are truly essential for enhancing safety and productivity in industrial or DIY settings, so if you like to work in your garage and tackle new projects, this light will be your best friend.


                    You made it to the end! I’m proud of you. Now you have the full understanding of indoor lights 101 and what the distinctions are between the many lights that can make a home or environment your own. I hope that this blog empowers you to make informed decisions when selecting the right fixture for your space. Remember to consider the style, functionality, and intended use of each lighting option to create the perfect ambiance and meet your specific lighting needs. By choosing the right lighting, you may just transform your home and even your well-being.