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8 Main Types of Outdoor Lighting

8 Main Types of Outdoor Lighting

If this is your first time here learning about lights, welcome! If this is your second blog learning about lights, then you’re probably a wiz from our first indoor lights blog post we created. Let’s give you the 411 on outdoor lights now. When it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your great outdoor spaces, the right lighting plays a significant role. From wall lantern lights to solar lights, landscape lights to floodlights, each type of lighting fixture serves a specific purpose. Let's explore the uses of our top 9 outdoor lights and discover how they can transform your environment.


1. Wall Lanterns:

    Mid-century, Farmhouse, or American Colonial style? There’s even more choices than that, but these particular styles tend to be the most popular styles of wall lanterns. No doubt that you’ve seen them before, wall lanterns are classic fixtures that combine style and functionality on the outside of the home. Mounted on exterior walls, they provide both ambient and visually pleasing lighting. Wall lanterns come in various designs and can offer a touch of timeless elegance to entrances, porches, or patios. Most have a pre-assembled hardwired design and are generally easy to install, just make sure to read the instructions first. You can also decide on whether you like cooler or warmer temperature lighting to enhance your home’s curb appeal.


    2. Solar Lights:

      Solar lights harness the power of the sun, making them an eco-friendly outdoor lighting option. They are self-contained units equipped with photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity, which is stored in built-in rechargeable batteries. Solar lights are easy to install since they do not require wiring or electricity connections, and no electrical bill. You’ll find these commonly used as solar pathway lights (bollard lights), solar deck lights, or solar garden lights, providing hassle-free light while reducing your environmental impact.


      3. Landscape Lighting:

        Landscape lighting is specifically designed to accentuate the beauty of outdoor environments. It includes various fixtures such as spotlights, uplights, or well lights that are strategically placed to brighten the focus on trees, shrubs, architectural elements, or pathways. Some versions of landscape lighting are also solar powered lights, and blend in with scenery like LED rock spot lights do. Otherwise, they are wired to the electrical system or by low-voltage transformers. You’ll find that landscape lighting adds depth, texture, and drama to gardens, lawns, or outdoor landscapes, creating stunning visual effects during nighttime.


        4. Floodlights/Security Lights:

          Floodlights, also known as security lights, are designed to provide powerfully broad light that reaches over large outdoor areas. They offer high-intensity lighting, often with motion sensor capabilities, to enhance safety and security. Floodlights are commonly used to illuminate driveways, parking areas, or as a deterrent against intruders. Intruders, BE WARNED. You can find multiple options for floodlights, whether you’d prefer them to be hard-wired or even solar powered. They offer peace of mind while ensuring maximum visibility in the front and back of your house or other outdoor spaces.


          5. Pathway Lights:

            Pathway lights are typically essential for safely navigating outdoor pathways, walkways, or driveways. We don’t want anyone mis-stepping off into a bush. They are low-profile fixtures that line the edges of paths, providing a well-lit and defined route (pretty self-explanatory). They do come in various styles, including solar-powered options just like these rose petal bollards, and add charm and enchantment to your home… and grandma can actually get to your front door unscathed. They offer both practicality and aesthetics in order for you to create an inviting atmosphere.


            6. Deck Lights:

              Deck lights
               are specifically designed to illuminate outdoor decks, stairs, or railing systems. They come in various forms, including recessed lights, post cap lights, or step lights, and are installed directly onto the deck surface or integrated into the structure. Kind of makes you feel like you’ll be stepping onto an actual boat at any time now. Deck lights provide ambient lighting, highlight architectural features, and enhance the safety of outdoor decks. The warm and inviting atmosphere they can create will surely get you in the mood to entertain friends or to grab a cold beverage and relax by yourself.


              7. String Lights:

                Now you’ve definitely seen these as a teenage girl’s-room must-have… or maybe you haven’t. String lights, also known as fairy lights or cafe lights, are also a popular choice for outdoor lighting. (I know, crazy that they would be used for what they were intended for.) They consist of a string of small bulbs connected together, often with solar-powered or plug-in options. String lights can be hung across outdoor spaces such as patios, pergolas, or trees, adding a sweet backyard glow. They create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor gatherings or special occasions, encouraging a touch of something to celebrate.


                8. Post Lights:

                Lastly, post lights are the ones mounted on top of posts or pillars and provide functional and decorative lighting for entrances, driveways, or pathways. They come in various designs, including traditional lantern-style or contemporary options, and typically are hardwired to your electrical system. They also look best when purchased with a wall lantern set, giving you a well-rounded home-style aesthetic.


                  Now you are fully a light fixture pro! You’ve learned all about the various types of indoor lights AND outdoor lights. Based on your needs, you should consider the desired ambiance, safety requirements, installation requirements, and the specific features of your outdoor spaces to make an informed decision. With the perfect outdoor lighting, you can create an outdoor space full of enjoyable environments.