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At Koda™, we are a team of inventors, product enthusiasts, designers, engineers and marketers, and our mission is simple: To provide quality, durable and innovative products that make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Koda is more than a brand name, it’s a dedication to creating new products that enhance your well-being across your entire home, and this is accomplished through careful design, engineering and manufacturing at all levels. Built with quality, care and innovation, Koda products deliver an upgrade to your home and workplace with features you want and need.

Each Koda product shares the same core values to ensure a consistent, dependable product that you and your family can rely on without any hesitation or regret:

High Quality
Quality assurance is a key focus for the company with each product using premium components, new technology, and innovation to deliver a reliable and long-lasting product.

Premium Value
“More for Less” is one of the company’s mottos and we want to deliver the best product at the lowest price so more people can enjoy the benefits each Koda product has to offer.

Smart and Innovative
We are a technologically driven company, investing in new technology and patented designs to ensure you get the newest and coolest features and benefits.

Through careful design and engineering, we strive to deliver a safe and easy-to-use product that all members of your household can use.

Each Koda product is built-to-last, going through rigorous product testing and research to create a product you can depend on and want to use.

We are an open-community for feedback. We realize the importance of listening and understanding what your needs and wants are so we can create a better experience for you in the future. We welcome all feedback, positive or negative, and encourage you to contact us here with anything you’d like to share.

Thank you for trusting us and we hope to help you in the future.