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Koda Wins an Innovation Award

Koda Wins an Innovation Award

Koda Lighting is a company that is dedicated to growth and innovation, and we believe that the biggest contributor to growth is feedback. With feedback, we can continuously improve our products to ensure they meet the needs of consumers everywhere. This is why we're proud to announce that our LED Linkable Shop Light has been selected by Hardware Retailing magazine as one of its recipients for the Innovation Award.

The magazine's LED Linkable Shop Light has been recognized as the perfect balance of aesthetics, technology, and utility for both commercial and personal use. The shop light allows a maximum of 6 lights to be connected to a single power source, decreasing the need for messy wires and multiple light switches. It is equipped with LED lights to provide bright lighting to large spaces. It is outfitted with advanced motion-sensing technology, which allows the light fixtures to turn on and off automatically.

What Is The Innovation Award?

The Innovation Award is an annual accolade given out by Hardware Retailing magazine, one of the top publications in the realm of home improvement. The award recognizes products with a lot of potential for retail sales.

For the year 2020, the magazine dispatched judges to the virtual National Hardware Show® held last October 2020 in search of unique and eye-catching merchandise with real retail potential. In 2020, a total of 31 products were chosen, one of which was our LED Linkable Shop Light. Unlike other awards, judges for the Innovation Award do not come from the magazine's editorial team. Still, they are actual retailers who have real-world experience with what sells and what doesn't.

Hardware Retailing's Innovation Awards have been around for over 50 years, which speaks to the publication's credibility and expert status in the home improvement industry.

Why The Innovation Award Matters

Winning the award further reinforces our belief that we are on the right track, providing highly aesthetic, top-quality products with retail potential. As stated earlier, the award's panel of judges are retailers who are experts in determining what appeals to consumers. At Koda, we continuously strive to bring products that connect to our consumers, and winning this award is a testament to that.

The award recognizes the passion, dedication, creativity, and forward-thinking exhibited by the people behind Koda and is proof that hard work indeed reaps great rewards.

Koda's Mission

The people behind Koda are more than just craftsmen. They are also innovators, inventors, and designers. Lighting is more than just a fixture. It is a work of art that can greatly influence the outcome of any room or space.

It has always been our mission to provide exceptional value to our consumers and raise the standards in the industry. With every product we design, we strive to create the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility, between technology and ease of use, and between innovation and safety.

This award is more than just a commendation of our efforts. It is a positive representation of the company's contributions to the industry and our ability to recognize our consumers' needs effectively. For us, this award will serve as a challenge to push the boundaries further to establish ourselves as a leader in the home improvement industry.