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Indoor, Outdoor & Work Lights

Lighting Your Everyday Needs

Perfect for Any Home

Koda™ indoor, outdoor and work lights are perfect for any home. Choose from standard, everyday lights, to advanced motion-sensing lights so you never have to worry about flipping the switch. Need a work light? Koda has that too with versatile and ultra-bright work lights for the home or job site.

Professional & DIY Grade

All Koda lights are built for versatility and customization so you can create the light experience you want. Whether you need light indoors or outdoors, all Koda lights are designed and engineered for a durability and long-lasting light.

Portable & Durable

Whether it's an indoor, outdoor or work light, Koda products are designed to give you the extra features you need and want so you can get the most out of your lights. From advanced motion-sensing technology to multi-color mood lighting to remote control access, you’ll find Koda products easy and versatile to use.