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10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day - Koda LED Lighting

10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! In 1970, Founder Gaylord Nelson saw that something had to be done for the Earth. He witnessed the impact of a disastrous oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. The event shook him to the core and inspired him to act.

The original Earth Day movement led to the creation of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. These three acts have instituted measures to preserve the Earth’s natural beauty and resources. 

While the original Earth Day movement created a massive impact on our planet, you may be wondering what individuals like you and I can do now to continue honoring this day. Here is a list of 10 easy ways you can celebrate Earth Day.

Stop “One-Use” Mentality

Many household items are made for one-time use, but there are many long-lasting options out there! Ditch the paper towels and use cloth towels to wipe up countertop spills, buy reusable beeswax wraps to cover leftovers instead of using plastic wrap, and use cloth makeup removing pads instead of buying single use wipes. These are just a couple examples to start with!

Switch to LEDs and Solar-Powered Lighting

When you make the switch to LED and solar-powered lighting, you will see huge leaps in energy efficiency (and your wallet)! In addition, LEDs last longer than the typical fluorescent bulbs, which saves you money in the long-run. Everybody wants their electricity bills to go down! Fluorescent bulbs are typically rated to last 7,000-15,000 hours, but LEDs can reach up to 50,000 hours! A great offering from Koda is the 46” Linkable LED Shop Light with Motion Sensor and Remote for your garage/workshop needs, or the LED Umbrella Light with Solar Charging Panel to light up your patio. Pick one up here if you’re ready for an upgrade that the planet and your wallet will appreciate. 

Turn off the Light When You Leave

If you’re leaving the room and not coming back for an extended period of time, there’s no use in wasting electricity and upping your utility bills! Take the second to turn off the lights, or better yet, install motion activated lighting that turns off after a period of no activity in the room. Check out Koda’s LED Ceiling Light with Mood Lighting and Motion Sensor or the 46” Linkable LED Shop Light with Motion Sensor and Remote.

Swap out Plastic Bags for Reusable Bags

This is an easy lifestyle change that anyone can do! Just remember to keep reusable bags in your car and bring them into the grocery store. Many stores now charge around $0.10 per plastic bag, and you can easily avoid the fee and save money by BYOB (bringing your own bag!) No more paying for plastic bags that inevitably end up in the trash. Bonus tip: lots of grocery stores sell grains and nuts by weight and you can bring your own bags/containers rather than using their plastic bags! 

Please check with your local grocery store and abide by their store policy. Due to COVID-19, many stores are currently implementing a no reusable bag policy to deter the spread of infection. However, once things get back to normal, there’s no reason to not use reusable bags!

Plant Some Trees

Planting trees is great for the environment, but it can also help you save on housing costs if you plant strategically! Utilize them to your advantage to create shade for your home, lowering cooling costs in the summer. You can also use plants to block out wind and drafts, which lower your heating costs in the winter.

Repurpose Containers

A tin can or pasta jar can become anything if you get creative! Use it as a vase, store all your loose change in it, or decorate it as a pencil cup for your office. The sky’s the limit! By repurposing your containers, you eliminate the need to purchase additional items for your home, while reducing your contribution to landfill.

Use Eco-Friendly Household Items

Household items like toothbrushes and cotton pads get tossed in the trash and contribute to landfill. Even worse, plastics can take decades to break down! By switching to more eco-friendly alternatives, you can reduce your impact on waste. An easy replacement for a toothbrush is to use one with a bamboo handle and biodegradable bristles. There are even brands that have created reusable cotton swabs and floss that you just need to wash with each use.

Walk or Ride a Bike When You Can

If you’re going just a short distance, you can help Mother Nature out by walking or riding a bike wherever possible. Ditching the car can reduce your carbon emissions and improve your city’s air quality. Plus, you get to enjoy the fresh air, you get a workout in, and you save money on gas!

Save Water

You can save gallons of water by hand-washing your dishes rather than running your dishwasher. You probably also waste a lot of water waiting for the shower to heat up! You can put a container under the running faucet to collect the cold water and reuse that later for watering your plants, hand-washing clothes, and more.

Shop and Sell at Thrift/Consignment Stores

Thrift and consignment stores allow you to breathe a second life into gently used items. You can find name-brand clothing at a bargain, or score a gorgeous antique that would be the perfect addition to your dining room! Before tossing unwanted items, you should consider selling it to consignment stores - you will be surprised by how much you can earn, and it’s better for the environment!

Earth Day is about making a difference. There’s no bigger contribution you can make than to preserve our planet. Even if it’s as simple as installing LED lights in your home, office or workshop, you will make a difference. 

Being mindful of our consumption ensures that there is a beautiful world for our children to enjoy. We at Koda strive to make these kinds of contributions, which is why we take pride in our LED products. Have a great Earth Day!